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List of variables:

1. List of countries in alphabetic order
Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China Mainland, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, USA and Venezuela.
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2. General list of variables in data base.

2.0. Year and Dummy
Year 2001 to 2011
LINE 01 (Dummy for NO SIZE OF BUBBLE, can not be selected / chosen)
2.1. Economic and Geographic regions
1a,b Economic region, EREGION
1c,d Geographic region, GREGION
2.2. Developmental stage
2a Developmental stage as 1) Developed, 2) Transitional and 3) Developing, ESTAGES3
2b Developmental stage as 1) Highly developed, 2) Developed, 3) Transitional, 4) Further developing and 5) Developing, ESTAGES5
All data 2.3. - 9. cover years 2001 - 2011. Monetary values are PPP adjusted and in US$.

2.4. National intellectual capital NIC index values
3a Overall National intellectual capital index values, NIC, NICg (growth %)
3b National human capital index values, HC, HCp (as % of NIC) and HCg (growth %)
3c National market capital index values, MC, MCp (as % of NIC) and MCg (growth %)
3d National process capital indexvalue, PC, PCp (as % of NIC) and PCg (growth %)
3e National renewal capital, RC, RCp (as % of NIC) and RCg (growth %)
2.4. Impact of NIC on GDP as share of GDP formation (%)
4a Impact of Global markets development and access to general TFP enhancers, MTFP and MTFPp (as % of GDP)
4b Impact of Domestic markets development and access to embedded TFP, DTFPp (as % of GDP)
4c Total impact of national intellectual capital on GDP, NICIp and NICIg (growth %)
4d Impact of national human capital on GDP, HCIp (as % of GDP) and HCIg (growth %)
4e Impact of national market capital on GDP, MCIp (as % of GDP) and MCIg (growth %)
4f Impact of national process capital on GDP, PCIp (as % of GDP) and PCIg (growth %)
4g Impact of national renewal capital on GDP, RCIp (as % of GDP) and RCIg (growth %)
2.5. Impact of NIC on GDP (annual) growth as share (fraction) of total GDP growth
5a Share in GDP growth of Global markets development and access to general TFP enhancers, MTFPg
5b Share in GDP growth of Domestic markets development and access to embedded TFP, DTFPg
5c Share in GDP growth of overall national intellectual capital, NICG and NICGg (growth %)
5d Share in GDP growth of national human capital, HCG and HCGg (growth %)
5e Share in GDP growth of national market capital , MCG and MCGg (growth %)
5f Share in GDP growth of national process capital , PCG and PCGg (growth %)
5g Share in GDP growth of national renewal capital, RCG and RCGg (growth %)
2.6. Economic performance and basic tangible economic drivers
6a Gross Domestic Production, GDP(PPP)
6b Gross fixed capital formation, CAP, CAPp (as % of GDP), CAPg (growth %) or CAPa (a=adjusted by natural etc. enhancers)
6c Gross governmental debt, DEBT, DEBTp (as % of GDP), DEBTg (growth %) or DEBTa (adjusted)
6d Total FTE workforce, EMP, EMPp (as % of POP) or EMPg (growth %)
6e GDP/EMP or GDP/EMPg (growth %)
6f GDP/CAP or GDP/CAPg (growth %)
6g CAP/EMP or CAP/EMPg (growth %)
6h DEBT/CAP or DEBT/CAPg (growth %)
2.7. Natural recources and excess competitive financial advantages RCA enhancing GDP and GDP growth
7a Minerals, oil and fuels, export balance as % of GDP, OILb, and import + export as % of 2xGDP, OILt
7b Iron, steel and chemicals, export balance as % of GDP, IRONb, and import + export as % of 2xGDP, IRONt
7c Financial services, export balance as % of GDP, FINANCEb, and import + export as % of 2xGDP, FINANCEt
7d Labour cost, LABOURW and LABOURWg (growth %) 7e OTHERS (country specific, notes provided when used)
2.8. Infrastructural and economic structures which - via aggregation - affect economic performance adjustments
Data 8a - 8c may be expressed as share of population POP, employment EMP or GDP formation.
Data 8d - 8g may be expressed as share of employment EMP or GDP formation.

8a Inhabitants living in metropol areas as % of population, METROPOPp and METROPOPg (growth %)
8b Inhabitants living in urban areas (exl. metropols) as % of population, URBANPOPp and URBANPOPg (growth %)
8c Inhabitants living in rural areas as % of population, RURALPOPp and RURALPOPg (growth %)
8d Employment in public sector, PUBEMP, PUBEMPp (as % of EMP) or PUBEMPg (growth %)
8e Employment in private service sector, PRIVSERVEMP, PRIVSERVEMPp (as % of EMP) or PRIVSERVEMPg (growth %)
8f Employment in industry sector, INDEMP, INDEMPp (as % of EMP) or INDEMPg (growth %)
8g Employment in agriculture sector, AGRIEMP, AGRIEMPp (as % of EMP) or AGRIEMPg (growth %)
2.9. Demographics
9a Population, POP, POPg (growth %), POP15 (population in cohort <15), POP15p (population in cohort <15 as % of POP) and POP15pg (gowth %). Cohort >65 (or other) alike.
9b Dependency ratio (%), DEPENDENCYp and DEPENDENCYg (growth %)
9c GDP/POP and GDP/POPg (growth %)
9d CAP/POP and CAP/POPg (growth %)
9e DEBT/POP and DEBT/POPg (growth %)
NOTE: The "nominal", "p" and "g" optionality significantly increases data items.
NOTE: This list does not contain the specific NIC indicators for Financial capital, HC, MC, PC and RC.

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